Landscape Architecture
Public Space for the everyday in an historical context
Sabil Abu Nabut, Jaffa

Client: Tel-Aviv Yafo municipality - Ezra VeBitsaron
Landscape Architecture: Berabim Landscape Architecture 
Design team: Yael Bar-Maor, Gali Ziv
Year: 2022 

A detailed landscape design for an open public space in an area designated for preservation. 

The site is located on the historic path from Jaffa to Jerusalem, has a Sabil from the era of the Ottoman Empire. The site has serval historical layers, including a layer from the British Mandate, and a sculptor garden by Tomarkin dedicated to the memory of the holocaust. Our design intentionally does not prefer one layer over the other, but rather exposes the existence of the all layers concurrently, uncovers the narratives without determing between them. On the basis of such layered ground, we have added an additional layer that refers to the current day to day life, offering a place to stroll and pause.  

Photo by Nimrod Levy
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Photo by Nimrod Levy
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