Landscape Architecture
Kibbutz Communal Landscapes
Sdot Yam

Client: Kibbutz Sdot Yam

Landscape Architecture: Berabim Landscape Architecture

Design team: Yael Bar-Maor, Amir Sherman 

Architects: Eran Mebal, Alefbet Planners Ltd. 

Year: 2019

Landscape design for a new neighbourhood in Kibbutz Sdot Yam. The design was intended to integrate the new neigbourhood with the existing landscape of the Kibbutz, and therefor has affected the position of the new housing units, preserved sufficient land for open public spaces and created a sequence of open public lawns. The design process was conducted through a dialog with the residents in order to provide tailor made solutions for the interfaces between the private and the communal public space. 

Photo by Nimrod Levy
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Yael Bar-Maor
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