Landscape Architecture

An independent studio for design and research of open public spaces


Public Spaces
Landscape infrastructures
Art Installations
Urban Design
Public Buildings and Campuses
Touching The Stream
Ga'aton Stream design competition
Photo by Aviad Bar Ness
Educational Farm
Hod Hasharon
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Annah Szenes Memorial House
Kibutz Sdot Yam
Photo by Aviad Bar Ness
Desert Landscapes
Ramat Negev School Courtyard
Photo by Shai Epstein
Playgrounds at the heart of the kibbutz
kibbutz Sdot Yam
Image by Ari Bruck
Majd al-Krum Quarry
Public park for the community
Topography as Play
Ha'Hita school yard, Zichron Yaacov
Photo by Aviad Bar-Ness
Student village, Sderot
Building with the community
Photo by Lior Avitan
A landscape interface between the campus and the city
Shenkar, Ramat Gan
A new neighborhood in a communal Kibbutz
Kibbutz Hatzerim
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Public Space for the everyday in an historical context
Sabil Abu Nabut, Jaffa
Stella Maris – The Hidden Ridge
Competition proposal
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Shkhoret Quarry landscape rehabilitation
Ecological infrastructures
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Educational Courtyard
Magen School, Maoz Aviv, Tel Aviv Yafo
Photo by Shai Epstein
Urban Forest
KKL Garden, Nazareth Ilit
Quarry rehabilitation
Revivim - Bir Hadaj
Competition proposal for a public square
Childhood Stories
School courtyard, Kvutzat Yavne
Photo by Roi Fabian
Roaming Forest
The Biennale of Landscape Urbanism, Bat-Yam
Landscape design for a rooftop campus
Tsamarot Ayalon, Tel Aviv Yafo
Photo by Nimrod Levy
Kibbutz Communal Landscapes
Sdot Yam
Photo by Shai Epstein
Play, learn and interact
Gretz School Courtyard, Tel-Aviv
Photo by Shai Epstein
Open public space for the youth
Zur Moshe
Architectural design for an art work by sculptor Dani Karavan
Inner courtyard in Chaim Sheba Medical Center
Neighbourhood in Kafr Kanna
Urbanization processes
Noam School, Bnei Darom
the "Lake Compound"
Hod Hasharon
Multiple intelligences theory
School courtyard in Avital
Growing Shade
Proposal for the competition "Tel Aviv Shade"
Yael Bar-Maor
Landscape Architecture Studio

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